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Dear GBA Partners,

Gateway Seminary’s ADVANCE centers began with the mission to provide accessible ministry training at a post-high school level. The Metro East and Gateway associations have hosted an Advance center here in the Metro East for many years. ADVANCE centers are established under a cooperative agreement between Gateway Seminary, a local SB church, association or state convention. If you are interested, please call 618-540-9332 to find out more or go to academics/degrees/advance/ to visit the Gateway Seminary web page.

Please HELP us get the word out that the SWIST program is ALIVE and well. Our biggest struggle is still getting the NEWS out to those who would be and could be interested and helped by this educational ministry. Not only are students benefitted personally but the church benefits from their training and ministry as they apply it to their local ministry setting.    

All of our classes are now held ONLINE!  Most classes are held one time a week for 15 weeks.  The cost for a 3 hour class is only $135.00 plus the cost of books. First time students pay $35 registration fee. Please feel free to call me for more information.

Submitted by Sherman Smith

Please contact – 618-540-9332, or for further information.

         *SWIST is an educational opportunity in partnership with Gateway Seminary of the SBC.   


OUR PURPOSE: Almost 85% of the people in our communities are unchurched. For the Network, reaching these people and leading them to become fully devoted followers of Christ is paramount.

Affiliating with the Network, whether as a church plant or an affiliate church, means that you are not serving alone.

The Bethel Network has been involved in the planting churches in the St. Louis Metro East area.

The BCPN helps host and coordinate mission partnerships and teams. In the past we hosted mission teams that brought mission volunteers to work with our new plants and our church planters. 

BCPN also owns a shower trailer that has been instrumental in supporting mission teams and disaster relief efforts whenever available.

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