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2021 Creative Summer Ideas

21 Creative Options for Summer Ministry to Kids

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Lets Reconnect

ReConnect Poster

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With the numbers of COVID exposure dropping, the number of
positive tests falling, and the volume of persons receiving the
vaccinations, the probability of returning to 100% occupancy in the
new few months is looking bright. Your association feels it prudent to
offer you some relaunching considerations. These are based on last
year’s hopeful reopening but have been updated for the balance of
2021 and into 2022.
Please, review the enclosed documents with our hope that they will help you launch into
the summer with vitality, and the remainder of this year with celebration and health-
conscious planning.
Post Pandemic (1)

GBA Relaunch Manual

Post Coronavirus Reopening Checklist

Post COVID List

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For more information on these and other events, contact us at 618-254-3953